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AROMA: balanced (almonds, caramel)

FLAVOR: sweet (almonds, caramel, citrus)

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    Jacinto Ramirez is a 4th generation coffee grower born and raised in Michicoy, a town in San Pedro Necta, Huehuetenango. His farm is part of a larger network of farms owned and operated by his relatives.


    Coffee is intercropped with chalum trees that provide shade for growing coffee. The chalum trees’ falling leaves also provide a natural fertilizer.


    Cherry is selectively handpicked and pulped on the farm’s drum pulper. Coffee is fermented in fermentation tanks for 30 hours and then washed in clean water. Wet parchment is laid on patios to sundry. They rake parchment frequently to ensure even drying. It takes approximately 5 to 8 days for parchment to dry. Once dry, parchment is bagged and taken to a warehouse in Huehuetenango City where the low humidity is ideal for storing and resting parchment. Parchments rests for approximately 2 months before being milled and prepared for export.