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Hario Mini Slim PRO - Silver

Hario Mini Slim PRO - Silver


Hario Mini-Slim PRO Silver Hand Mill with ceramic burrs.

The PRO version of hand mills means the highest quality. The grinder is compact, of good quality and allows the coffee grinder to be set up for all types of brewing. Very convenient to use at home and on the go.


The PRO version:

- Made of metal.
- Durable, comfortable and detachable handel.
- Transparent cover with silicone trim.
- Easily detachable bottom container.


Ceramic burrs ensure even and reliable grinding, are durable and do not affect the taste of coffee. Using the button on the underside of the burrs, you can easily and quickly adjust the grinding coarseness required by your chosen coffee brewing method.


The upper bean container accepts up to 24g of coffee. This is enough for 1- 2 people.