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02 Hario V60

02 Hario V60


Icon for alternative coffee products. Hario V60, plastic, white color for making 2-4 cups of coffee.

Would you like to try alternative coffee brewing? The Hario V60 is just right! With this Japanese gadget you can make great coffee at home in a very easy way. It brings a lot of fun and endless possibilities of preparation. The Hario V60-02 Dripper enables the preparation of 300 - 500 ml of coffee, which is sufficient for two large or four small cups of coffee.

The plastic version is the cheapest option among the V-60. Still, it's no worse than other variants in terms of coffee taste. In addition, its plastic body provides durability and comfort for use on the Hario V-60 on the road. The conical shape and special grooves on the inside ensure good water flow. The infusion process only takes 3 - 4 minutes.

Hario's translation is "King of Glass", which perfectly reflects the company's achievements. Established in 1921, the brand has been producing the highest quality glass, ceramic, plastic and metal products ever since. The manufacturing process takes place in Japan, along with the highest environmental safety standards.

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