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Burundi Masha

Burundi Masha



AROMA: floral (hibiscus, chocolate)

TASTE: complex (hibiscus, citrus fruits, butter)

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    At the Masha processing station, they master their work, despite the fact that the name itself is a bit misleading, as it means cattle, for which the area at the foot of the hills is very famous. From here comes the "Burundi Cup of Excellence" 2012, 2014 and 2017. The cup is juicy, clean and full of flavor.

    Individual farmers take care of an average of 250 coffee trees and produce around 1.5 kg of coffee berries per tree. Each farmer thus produces only 200-300 kg of coffee annually. With such a small crop, quality control is significantly easier. For us, the moment of the year when we can offer you coffee from Burundi is one of the highlights of the year, as it offers a unique fruitiness and juiciness.

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