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The Ngogomo process station was built in 1992. It processes coffee from 18 surrounding hills, where 1,800 farms are engaged in coffee production. We are pleased to be able to offer you coffee directly from our partner Bugestal, which oversees the processing and production of coffee for over 15,000 farmers in Burundi. It also helps them rejuvenate their plantations, as coffee trees are on average over 50 years old. This coffee is another in our offer, which we call 90+, which means that it has surpassed the score of 90 points according to the SCA scale.

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    Greenco in Burundi takes care of 13 processing stations, takes care of quality, and also strives to improve the lives of the community of surrounding farmers. Yandaro lies in Kayanza Province near the border with Rwanda. The proximity of the rainforest provides a sufficient amount of water as well as high nutritional value of the soil. Average temperatures range between 18 and 25 degrees Celsius. In our opinion, some of the best coffees we have ever tasted come from this area.

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