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Ethiopia Yamasira

Ethiopia Yamasira

€4.00 Regular Price
€3.50Sale Price

AROMA: Rich. Bergamote, honey, peach.

TASTE: Floral. Berries, black tea, sugar cane.

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    In the past, coffee from the micro-region Guji was considered part of the Yirgacheffe region, but in recent years, due to its unique growing conditions, the Guji region has gained a lot of recognition. The farms are young, which means that the coffee trees are also young, which means high quality and a large amount of produce. As a result, we can enjoy spectacular profiles that are generally floral, complex and sweet. Arsosala embodies these qualities and offers flavors of sweet berries and black tea. Ethiopia simply cannot be compared to any other coffee producing country and this reflects very clearly in this cup.

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